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About Us

For over a decade, EuGrow has activated hundreds of projects in Talent Mapping & Recruitment, Sports Events Management and Health & Wellness Programs for our clients in Malaysia and Australia. 


Our clients come back to us for jobs in related areas and sometimes a little out into new fields.


Responding to the global rapid changes in the nature of business technology and human resources; we continuously expand in different industries and skill sets. 

Our Services

Talent Sourcing and Development

We seek talented people from diverse backgrounds who are able to share the passion of creative thinking and team work; experienced or those just starting out on their careers.

We bolster their skill sets to amplify productivity.

Business Services

Ensuring the best results for our clients, we perform and keep a quantitative set of matrixes that would help in auditing the effectiveness of the resources that we provide.

This ensures that all stakeholders never miss a beat.

Extensive Databases

"No one company could hold all the information, nor one person know how to accomplish everything."

We continuously, update, search and work with the best resources, software and expertise.

Our Partners


Service & Solutions


Data Driven Talent Sourcing

Extensive Database

Various Industry Network

Talent Development


Moving Talent Across

Strategic Priorities

Positive Employee Experience


Industry Expert Partnerships

Specializing Skills

Research & Development

Economic, Social & Environmental Studies


Marketing Services


Project Initialization & Planning

Backroom Support


Market Research / Profiling

E-Mail Support

Process Flow Analysis & Documentation

Data Entry

Data Analytics

Customer & Marketing

Risk Management

Operations & Data Management

Mountain Fog

Additional Services (Drones)

Commercial Video

Real Estate

full picture by capturing an entire property and the surrounding area with drone imagery and data.

Aerial Photo & Videography

high-definition aerial videography & photography, including 360° views



(architecture, engineering and construction)

accurate, drone-captured data to power businesses at every project. Offering visual project updates, monitoring, maps, models, and more.

Inspections & Broadcast

Telecommunications Support, Live Broadcast for TV and Web.

Transportation  and Movement Reports.

Media and Advertising.


Ground Water, Soil Composition, Sunlight Distribution, Crop Height and Population



underwater structure and infra inspection. Flora and fauna growth and pop 

Photography & Videography

high-definition underwater videography & photography, including 360° views


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