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Cost Benefit Analysis 

1.    To prepare Flood Damage Assessment to identify tangible and  intangible cost and risk caused by flood damage.

2.    To study expenses that includes capital expenditures, operation &  maintenance expenses, cost for planning and design, administration  costs after project completed and others.

3.    Preparation of budget estimates for the implementation of effective  flood mitigation plan as recommended in this study.

4.    To identify the attitude (of the people who might be a victim of a flood,  or the decision maker) towards the costs and the flood damage  reduction (to provide a significant rational information to the decision  makers

Flood Mitigation Studies

We were given a project to undertake a detailed study on areas that were affected following the flood that happened in Lenggong, Perak


Study & Analysis


In Progress

Socio-Economic Study (SES)

study on the affected inhabitants and facilities including sensitive areas, historic places and buildings and all land use zoning within and adjacent to the project area. 


Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

To prepare the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Report if required by the  Government and if the project had been identified a need to assess social  risk and impact issues.



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